Volunteer with the Warriors!

Thank you very much to all our 2021-22 NWW community hockey volunteers for supporting last years program and ensuring our players and families were able to experience a full and positive season. We are already looking forward to the upcoming season and ensuring we are well prepared. Volunteers are the life blood of NWW Community Hockey and there is no hockey program without them.

In addition to the individual volunteers necessary on each hockey team, there is also a significant amount of volunteer effort required at the Association level, with peak demands occurring from the close of registration in mid-August up to the formation of teams in late September. A strong, deep and diverse volunteer base makes for a better hockey experience for everyone and more reasonable workloads for all the volunteers involved. Experienced volunteers welcome the opportunity to work with and mentor new Association level volunteers. All part of a positive succession program for the years ahead.

Specific information on volunteer roles can be found on our ‘Volunteers’ page: Volunteers Page with a detailed description of the role, accountability, desired skill set, as well as expected time commitments. If you have questions regarding these roles, please contact us at (volunteer@NWWarriorshockey.com). If you are interested in any of the roles, please complete and submit the application form on the Volunteers page and return it to us at (volunteer@NWWarriorshockey.com). Please strongly consider applying for an Association level volunteer role that interests you. We need your support!

We are looking for volunteers from all age groups and division levels to ensure we have representation that reflects the diversity of our NWW hockey Association. A variety of roles within Evaluations, Administration, Communications, Programs & Development plus Game & Conduct are available (some have been modified from prior years). We are specifically looking to fill the Secretary role within the Board of Directors and also looking for Ad Hoc members to join our monthly Board meetings as an opportunity to become more familiar with the organization and consider a Board of Directors role in the future.

The application deadline is June 1, 2022 but earlier submission is greatly appreciated. We target having all volunteer roles filled in June. The volunteer group will then be connected with each other to communicate, organize, prepare and receive instructions for the 2022-2023 season.

All the best to you and your families this summer.