President’s Message Regarding Refunds – February 15, 2021

Northwest Warrior Families,

The finance committee has completed the review and are happy to announce that you can expect a 55% refund for the 2020/21 season.  We are confident that this is an appropriate refund, as it aligns with the range of refunds being offered by other Calgary minor hockey organizations.

With the knowledge that the 2020/21 season would come with unique challenges, the NWW annual budget planned for a loss.  The committee validated that all expenses were accounted for, and set the refunds to align with the budgeted loss, ensuring that we were delivering the maximum refund possible within our mandate.

All members have been provided an opportunity to choose how they would like their refund processed.

  1. Carry forward 100% of the credit to be applied to next year’s fees
  2. Pay out the refund less a $5 processing fee.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect by age group:

Age Group Refund
U7 $418
U9 $508.75
U11 $569.25
U13 $596.75
U15 $596.75
U18 $577.50
NWHL $398.75

Please ensure that you have provided direction on how you would like your refund processed by no later than February 19, 2021.  If we have not received a response by that time, then your refund will processed onto the credit card attached to your registration information (less the $5 processing fee).

If you have not yet provided your preference, please do so by completing this end of year survey:

For those who choose to receive refunds immediately, please help to ensure an expedited processing time by notifying Matt ( of any changes to your credit card information since the time of registration (i.e. new expiry date, new provider, cancelled cards, etc).

A receipt will be generated for all refunds, including those who choose to carry forward credits to be applied to next season.  You can expect to receive a receipt of the credit via email.  Please notify Matt if you do not receive one by March 3.