NWW Incident Reported in Media

Dear NWW families,

Further to our previous communication with NW Warrior membership, we are posting the message to the NWW website to ensure all members have access to the same information. We assure all members that the incident is receiving the utmost attention and is being taken very seriously by NWW executive. Your patience and cooperation in respecting the Game and Conduct investigation process will be greatly appreciated.

News of this incident has since been shared with the public, including much speculation, gossip and rumours that are unsubstantiated with fact.  As we work to investigate this issue, we appeal to our NWW families to recall that the people captured in these videos are children, and we discourage the continued distribution and circulation of this content.

We are concerned about the safety of our children as this situation has the potential to escalate through the use of social media and video sharing to the point where children may become victim to cyber bullying. Parents possess the ability to de-escalate thru engagement with their own children and we ask all of our families to pause and think of unintended consequences that may be caused by continuing the gossip train. Each of us has the ability to improve this unfortunate situation by our actions. Remember we are all neighbours, friends and teammates.

Please be assured that the Association takes this incident very seriously, began taking action within minutes of it being reported and we continue to follow our Game & Conduct process to appropriately address this situation.  The NWW executive is committed to full transparency with our membership and wish to respect the Game and Conduct process. While we share members concern over the incidents we are not at liberty to discuss details of the investigation.  We will always respond to respectful questions from our membership concerning safety and the well-being of NWW players.

NWW Executive