Message from the Board- Vaccine Passport Bylaw

September 24, 2021

Hello Warrior families,

It has been a topsy turvy week of trying to understand and adhere to the COVID guidelines at our various facilities since the introduction of the Restriction Exemption Program.  We can’t thank our front line volunteers enough for their extraordinary efforts to keep the program moving forward, while trying to communicate the rules and keep our participants safe.

As of September 23, the City of Calgary enacted City of Calgary Vaccine Passport Bylaw 65M2021 which provides consistent direction across all of our facilities requiring any person 12+ years of age to provide proof of vaccination, recent negative COVID-19 test, or valid medical exemption letter to gain entry.

Please be advised that the Northwest Warriors will confirm the status of our volunteers, participants, and immediate guardians of those participants by completing an audit at the team level.  It is our expectation that the team manager, COVID Coordinator or team designate will hold this list, which will contain names and their chosen proof of vaccine method.

Unless your chosen proof method is the 72-hour negative test method, this information will not be checked at every ice time.  It is still your responsibility to have your proof of vaccine available to be presented at any time in case of a Health and Safety, or bylaw officer check.  Please note that parents who enter the facility are also subject to these bylaws, even if you are just coming in to tie skates.

Please remember that masking and physical distancing measures are still in place, even for persons who are double vaccinated.  Participants must wear masks and maintain physical distance until they enter the field of play, which includes the bench area, but does not include the dressing room.

Spectators must wear masks, maintain physical distance, and carry their proof of vaccination records.  Spot checks will take place.  Keep in mind that if spectators are found to be non-compliant, then the facilities may restrict spectators from entering the facilities.  Please, let’s all do our part to ensure that we can continue forward with as close to a normal season as possible.

The Northwest Warriors board asks for everyone’s continued diligence, respect for one another and support for kids in sport by adhering to these bylaw requirements with the utmost integrity.