Investigation Update

The NWW Game and Conduct investigation of the bantam change room incidents is now complete and individuals involved have been notified whether they have been cleared for return to hockey or have been issued sanctions based on their involvement.  Players and coaches from the bantam cohort that have been cleared, will return to the ice shortly as we work towards putting this most regrettable event behind us.  The investigation was the biggest undertaken by the NWW Game and Conduct Committee and was completed as quickly as possible only with the significant efforts of all of the volunteers on the Committee.  A tremendous thank you to those committee members.

Upon receiving the committee’s report, the NWW Executive reviewed the findings in collaboration with Hockey Calgary, Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada officials and determined appropriate sanctions for those deemed to be involved.  All three levels have approved  and are fully supportive of the actions taken by the NWW executive.

Since this event became extremely public there has been substantial social media and community scrutiny with many negative comments.  All members should take comfort in knowing the NWW Executive took immediate action and commenced an inquiry within minutes of witnessing the video.  The Executive remains committed to upholding our Mission Statement and encourage all membership to advise the Executive, the Game and Conduct Committee and or  the NWW Administrator of any wrongdoing they witness.  We encourage all NWW members to join in supporting all of our children who are now looking forward to returning to hockey.

Given the significant issues, NWW is exploring educational opportunities to assist all of our members in understanding what constitutes acceptable behavior as a member of the NWW hockey program.

Closing of this matter allow us to return our focus to the fast approaching competitive league play. We look forward to a fun and energized, competitive season for all Warriors.


NWW Executive