Hockey Calgary Bulletin September 16

SUBJECT: Hockey Calgary Plan – Sept. 16 – 19

The Alberta Government has issued a Public Health Emergency effective September 20, 2021.
Hockey Calgary and our member Associations are working quickly to clarify the restrictions and develop a plan forward. As communicated since the onset of the pandemic, our top priority is to put the safety of the athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers at the forefront of all decisions.  As we move forward the decisions of the City of Calgary, and the facilities will also play a significant role in how we develop our plan. Therefore, the following information is for the period of Sept. 16 – 19 only. HC will release more detailed information in the coming days on requirements post Sept. 20.

Sept. 16 – 19
– All programs can operate if the facility remains open
– You must honor the attendance requirements of the facility (1/3 capacity)
– You must wear a mask unless participating in the physical activity
– You are required to screen for symptoms prior to attending
– You must maintain 2 metres distance unless involved in the physical activity

I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we navigate these difficult times.  We are hopeful that these measures will allow us to keep the kids on the ice and active, enabling us to complete a full season in 2021-22.
Kevin Kobelka
Executive Director

Requirements September 16- 19, 2021
Following new public health measure announced by the Government of Alberta on September 15, 2021. these requirements will be in place until September 20th, at which time we will review to determine a path forward.
Details are as follows:

PLAYERS –are required to wear masks upon entering the arena and in dressing room
area. Players should remove their masks only immediately prior to putting on their
helmet and entering onto the ice surface.

COACHES, BENCH STAFF, and VOLUNTEERS – All coaches, team staff, and volunteers are
required to wear a mask at all times while on and off the ice.

VOLUNTEERS – All volunteers and minor officials are required to wear a mask in and around the direct playing area, in the timekeeper/penalty box area, and when in close contact with any players, coach or officials.

• OFFICIALS – All Officials are required to wear a mask upon entering the arena, and in the dressing room area. Officials should remove their masks only immediately prior to putting on their helmet and entering onto the ice surface. Officials must mask when
within 2-metres of any on-ice participants

SPECTATORS – Spectators are permitted as per facility and public health guidelines. Masks and physical distancing are required in all areas.

o Participants are required to physically distance in the dressing rooms. Depending on individual facility guidelines, players may have to dress in the stands or in the hallways.
o We recommend players arrive pre-dressed in all equipment (except skates, helmet, gloves), where possible.

• ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE – we recommend players arrive no more than 30 minutes prior to a practice and 45 minutes prior to a game. All players should depart within 15 minutes of any ice time.

Note: These requirements are in effect regardless of vaccination status