Game and Conduct

Game and Conduct Committee Lead- Joana Dosdall:

Game and Conduct Committee

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable, rewarding hockey experience for all participants.  Parents, coaches, spectators and players are welcome to email for any questions or concerns.


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Mission Statement

Northwest Warriors exist to provide an enjoyable, rewarding hockey experience to participants where they can develop a strong sense of community while growing socially, physically, and emotionally.

The Northwest Warriors will continuously strive to achieve both individual and team success while delivering a hockey experience that is safe, fair, and stimulating, is delivered in a respectful environment, and balances the following core values:

  • the Participant – provide individuals with experiences that allow them to enjoy the game while developing personally in an environment free of bias, discrimination, harassment, or abuse
  • the Team – foster commitment to a group by working, learning, and achieving together
  • the Game of Hockey – teach and develop skills suitable for participants to maximize enjoyment and appreciation of the game.


The Game And Conduct Committee

The Game and Conduct Policy (the “Policy”) will be administered by the Game and Conduct Committee (the “Committee”). Administration of the Policy will include education, communication, investigation, and enforcement of Northwest Warrior Hockey Association (the “Association”) rules in relation to the behaviour of participants involved in our hockey program. A “participant” is defined as being a player, coach, manager, Association member, parent, official, or spectator.

Game And Conduct Objectives

The Policy exists to aid participants in understanding expectations relating to conduct on and off the ice and the applicable rules and regulations guiding behaviour. The Committee is responsible for reviewing conduct that contravenes the policies, regulations, and core values of the Association and issuing sanctions that may result from any such contravention.

The Policy was developed, in part, to provide a complaint handling procedure for unacceptable behaviour. The Association encourages participants to behave appropriately and expects all participants to abide by the following ideals:

  • respect for all persons
  • protection from physical and emotional harm
  • development of ethical conduct towards others
  • notions of justice, fairness, equality
  • caring attitudes
  • freedom to enjoy and flourish
  • respect for the game.

Complaints in relation to officiating or general hockey rules will continue to be overseen by Hockey Calgary.