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About Us

The Northwest Warriors Hockey Association’s story began in 2012 with the merger of two prominent hockey programs: the Westwood Warriors and the Crowchild Blackhawks. For eight seasons, these two associations collaborated, working together to build a strong foundation for their players and the community. This partnership fostered a shared vision and mutual respect, which ultimately led to their official amalgamation in 2021, resulting in the creation of the Northwest Warriors Hockey Association.

The primary mission of the Northwest Warriors is to provide an enjoyable and rewarding hockey experience for all participants. The association is dedicated to helping players develop not only their hockey skills but also a strong sense of community. Through the sport, players have the opportunity to grow socially, physically, and emotionally. The Northwest Warriors emphasize the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal development, ensuring that every participant feels valued and supported. This holistic approach aims to create a positive environment where young athletes can thrive both on and off the ice.

Mission Statement

Northwest Warriors exist to provide an enjoyable, rewarding hockey experience to participants where they can develop a strong sense of community while growing socially, physically, and emotionally.

Core Values

The Warriors will continuously strive to achieve both individual and team success while adhering to this Mission Statement and delivering  a hockey experience that is safe, fair, stimulating, and delivered in a  respectful environment while observing a suitable balance of the following core values.

  • The Participant – Provide individuals with experiences that allow them to enjoy the game while developing personally in an environment free of bias, discrimination, harassment and abuse.
  • The Team – Foster commitment to a group through opportunities for working, learning and achieving together.
  • The Game of Hockey – Teach and develop skills suitable for participation and to maximize enjoyment and appreciation of the game.


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