Warrior Playoff Update!

We still have 13 teams in the semi finals or already waiting in the finals after sweeping the A side playoffs!  Come out to support your fellow Warriors teams this weekend!

U11 HADP: Semi Sat. 11:45am Max Bell-PC

U11-1: Semi Sat. 1:45pm Murray Copot

U13-1: FINALS! Sun. 6:45pm Henry Viney

U13-4: Semi Sat. 10:15am Shouldice

U13-5 Blue: FINALS! Sun. 1:30pm Henry Viney

U15 BC1: Semi Sat. 8:15pm Seton B

U15 NBC1: Semi Fri. 8:15pm Rose Kohn

U15 NBC3: Semi Sat. 2:45pm Max Bell-PC

           U15 NBC4: Semi Fri. 7:00pm Henry Viney                 

U18 BC1: Semi Sat. 8:30pm Seton A

U18 NBC1: Semi Sat. 3:00pm Murray Copot

U18 NBC2: Semi Sat. 4:15pm Shouldice

U18 NBC3: Semi Sat. 2:45pm Shouldice